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current job vacancies for medical specialists in oncology.

The French specialist hospital in Vendée, located in a district town of about 55,000 residents is recognized oncology center and operates a certified organ cancer center.

For the oncology clinic (FA 8) we are looking for
Senior Physician / Medical Director for Medical Oncology.
The hospital has an oncology ward, an interdisciplinary oncological day clinic. The clinic provides outpatient and inpatient area about 4,500 patients annually.
It will handle the complete range of solid tumors. There are all chemotherapy and immunotherapy are used. All the necessary modern diagnostic facilities of the Department are available, such as CT, 3T MRI, Cardiac MRI, PET-CT, nuclear medicine, interventional radiology and radiation therapy.
The focus hospital provides medical colleagues working in the hospital the opportunity to oncology patients for diagnosis, therapy planning, and continuing with the treatment or second opinions imagine. The central point is the interdisciplinary Tumor Outpatient.
The sequences of the tumor clinic aimed to induce necessary diagnostic measures as quickly as possible in a multidisciplinary case conference when all the evidence - to develop a treatment recommendation and possibly forwarded to the patient a cooperating department for therapy - the tumor board.
You are a seasoned professional, team oriented person with organizational skills. As a specialist in internal medicine with a focus on oncology M
edicine, bring the willingness of the department actively participate in and contribute new ideas.


* Likeable good cooperating team of colleagues without head physician hierarchy,
 * Broad spectrum of self-reliant responsibility with interesting cases,
 * Ultramodern equipment or facilities,
 * Compensation lying over German income with diverse education and training opportunities (15 days per annum),
 * Long-term secure employment,
 * 5 paid services per month,
 * 35 hours per week,
 * 30 days + 19 days holiday time off, ie 9 weeks of free time per year,
 * Expand existing knowledge of French by individual month intensive language course during working with our consultant in Paris,
 * Assistance in finding accommodation.

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