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The French region Deux Sevres is located in Western France

Our focus Hospital is extremely powerful and is more than 1,200 beds and modern facilities in an attractive location.
To the inpatient departments include inter alia besides gynecology and obstetrics including pediatrics, neonatology, orthopedic, trauma, urological, and vasculaire vizerale surgery, internal medicine and pulmonology, oncology, endocrinology, neurology and ENT.
Also, you will find a powerful radiology with five specialists.
Our capabilities include conventional radiography, venous and arterial angiography including the treatment of vascular stenoses and occlusions and neurointerventions mammograms including stereotactic punctures and markings. The focus here is the computed tomography of the whole body using modern multislice technology, including virtual colonography, ultrasound, imaging-based interventions and minimally invasive procedures and magnetic resonance Toographie the entire body including angiography, MRCP and mammography.

We are looking to enhance the RADIOLOGY Clinic Senior physician / medical diagnostic RADIOLOGY


 * Specialist Diploma Radiology or comparable EU.
 * Experience in the non-invasive radiology,
 * Knowledge of the French language.
 * Young doctors we give every opportunity.

We offer:

* Long-term secure employment,
 * 35 hours per week,
 * 30 days holiday,
 * 19 days time off, that is 9! Weeks holiday per annum,
 * Pleasant and uncomplicated fellow team chief doctor without hierarchy,
 * Very interesting income, which is based on the possibilities of a branch,
 * A range of free training and further education opportunities (15 days per annum),
* Expansion of the existing knowledge of French by individual month intensive language course during working hours.
 It offers an innovative and responsible job with good working conditions in a highly motivated team of physicians, technologist and function forces. The working atmosphere is cooperative and cordial. The house offers a position above average compensation and an additional company pension. We also offer assistance in
 Apartment Search and promote the reconciliation of work and family.

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